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Hort Jobs and 2-4D herbicide with Mike and Samantha

Hort Jobs are the best, we all went to school together. Here is a video of the next episode with two of my good friends Michael Wall and Samantha Hansen. 2-4D can be a tricky herbicide. We all went to school together and decided to through a episode together. We reminisce about the past and talked about gardening adventures for the future. Big thanks to my guests and all the podlings out there! Plant on Babylon! #plantonbabylon

Hortoccult is podcast where plant geeks can get their freak on! We let loose on all aspects of horticulture while focusing on water conservation practices. We are based in Utah which is the second most driest State in the Union but uses the second highest water per capita. Our mission is to help communities develop beautiful landscapes while using water saving techniques. Techniques such as selecting better plant material, how to use drip irrigation and how to avoiding wasteful cultural practices. If you have a passion for plants and saving water, this is the place for you. We are The Hortoccult, become a podling and Let’s Plant on Babylon!

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