Sizzling mic CATCHES Donald Trump speaking about Russia in personal

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Sizzling mic catches Trump griping about particular prosecutor: ‘I haven’t known as Russia in 10 years’

President Donald Trump on Monday dismissed requires a particular prosecutor to analyze Russia’s interference within the 2016 U.S. election.

On the conclusion of a press availability forward of Trump’s assembly with medical health insurance executives, NBC’s Kristen Welker requested the president if he would “assist a particular prosecutor on Russia.”

Trump appeared to disregard Welker’s query. However as journalists have been being ushered out of the room, he could possibly be heard speaking to the medical health insurance CEOs.

“I haven’t known as Russia in 10 years,” he griped.


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"we are going to work something out, quite easily, frankly" – what a major idiot. He doesn't know what kind of impact a strong or weak dollar has on the economy has, how will he understand the complexity of global markets or even the US market?? He talks still like he is dealing with his real estate business, where you might cut a quick deal. I am really and should not any more be surprised how this man talks about major challenges. What a moron.

Yung Hedake

what a smug cunt. fuck you orange faggot

Jeff Helton

yeah he just has flynn call for him lol.

I Love Secular Talk

Who cares what he actually says? He whispered something about Russia so we've got to share it like a incredible bitch. Just another video for clicks and likes. Dumb bitch, misquoting people every day…thinking your some kind of credible source.

Owl Girl

Mango Mussolini forgot to take his Alzheimer medication that day. You think he'd learn his lesson after the whole Pussygate fiasco.

Kevin Pham

how is this guy not IMPEACHED yet.. i don't understand..

Dennis C

But, but he said he never contacted Russia at all.SNIFF How could he LIE to us!

Shahrukh Farooqui

Your channel will get banned if you keep misleading with your titles @truthwatch


This guy is such an idiot, and so are the people who voted for him.

Don The Con

I am secret Russian agent. Down with America. Бог благословляет Мать Россия

Jason Blade

The Kompromat is real

Liza Tanzawa

Listening to health insurance CROps. How many sociopaths can you for into a conference room?


HAIL TRUMP. God bless our President.


Wikileaks exposed the truth about the corrupt Democratic party. If Russia had something to do with this then thank you Russia!

Madam President

Col Michael Aquino's demonic puppet Trump will begin to spill rivers of blood as a mass sacrifice to usher the coming of the anti gods. The three most Satanic people on earth will be the spear head for Trump's demonic army. The Israelis, The Arabs and The Scotts. This is the true reason for the wall. So that it will be more difficult to leave. Douglas Dietrich has been proven correct once again.

Flubert McMichaelson

Maybe he'll have more flexibility after the next election.

Dan Strayer

"The market is disastrous"…that's why it has gone from 9000 to 20,750. You lying prick

Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle
Conor McGregor's Pool Noodle

More lies from Cheetolini