How Did Russia Know Who to Goal on Fb? #RussiaProbe #Mueller #Russia

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Thomas Hoover

Trump treason is the best treason.

junior milan

We the poeple this great nation Russian government attacks us I thought president trump will say Russian government u did this Russian government want our image the world this pay back Cold War Putin he is smart he use middle class America hard working family like me tu say establishment Washington don't care poeple and trump use that the is laughing us we the poeple want tu know what Russian up tu devided our great nation but poeple and both parties have confidence muller 😎

The IRS should automatically audit 10 years of every elected Senator, Representative, President/VP, and Governor – also every Senior person in the WH, every Cabinet Secretary and Deputy Secretary!!! The Nominees of each major Party should also have 10 years of taxes audited and results publicly available. Automatic!!! AND – any prosecutions, fines, settlements for tax irregularity & fraud should be publicly disclosed by the IRS. These people weigh in on the tax code, economic policy and financial existence of every American — they do not deserve a privacy right regarding their own financial disclosures, and tax returns are the… Read more »