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How should I study for the PMP® exam?

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You know what the PMP certification is. You are eligible to sit for the PMP certification exam. You know how much it will cost to you to get the PMP certification, both tangible and intangible costs. Finally, you decided to prepare for the PMP certification exam! And you have the following question in your mind now.

“How Should I Study for the PMP Exam?”

PMP preparation takes a significant amount of time. Especially, if you are a working professional, sparing your leisure time to get ready for the PMP certification exam is unavoidable. Therefore, you have to prepare a solid and good PMP study plan to pass the PMP certification exam.

After helping 125,000 professionals to pass their PMP certification exam, we prepared a 7 step PMP study plan for working professionals. Let us go through each step of a successful PMP study plan.

1-Determine Target Date for your PMP Exam

Evaluate your schedule, your workload for the following months and how well you can dedicate yourself for PMP study. Based on our experience, a typical PMP certification study takes around 70-85 hours in total. Note that, this is just an average and depending on your background and skills, your PMP study can take shorter or longer.

A working professional can spare six hours a week for the PMP study and it makes 12-14 weeks in total for PMP study. Therefore, setting your PMP exam target date four to five months ahead will be reasonable.

2-Prepare Your PMP Study Plan

After setting your PMP exam target date, prepare a detailed plan on what you will study each week till PMP exam date. PMBOK contains project management knowledge areas and introductory sections as well.

Content of each knowledge area or section is different. However, roughly, aim to complete one section or knowledge area per week. Some of the sections or knowledge areas will take longer to complete while some of them take shorter. Also, some weeks might be busier at work and you may not spare enough time for your PMP study. However, if you aim to complete one section or knowledge area per week, it will help you to complete your PMP study in four to five months in total.

3- Take Notes During Your PMP Study

You will see lots of terms, concepts, formulas and several things that needs to be remembered during your PMP certification exam. Since PMP study takes months, it will be perfect to take your notes during your PMP preparation. While you complete new sections or knowledge areas, you can go over your notes to remember the sections you have already completed. This will help you to keep your knowledge fresh.

4- Make Practice as Much as Possible

This is actually a tip that is not applicable only for the PMP certification preparation. No matter for which exam you are studying for, making practices as much as possible will help you to see several alternatives of questions that you might face in your real exam. Same rule applies for PMP exam as well and this will increase your PMP exam success respectively.

5- Go Through Your Wrong Answers

While you are going through PMP exam practice questions, take notes regarding your wrong answers. Go over your wrong answers and take notes about why you made a mistake. If you have lots of wrong answers on a particular section or knowledge area, it will be better to go through the section once again.

6- Go Through Your Notes Frequently

PMP study takes months to get ready for the PMP certification exam. You need to remember what you learned months ago. The best ay to do is, going through your notes frequently. You can spare 30 minutes of your weekly PMP study for going over your notes to remember the sections you completed already. We will talk about how you can use PMP Flash Cards to memorize your PMP knowledge during your PMP study.

7- Go and Get the PMP!

You completed all sections and knowledge areas, you score over 70% from sample PMP exam questions and you feel confident to sit for the PMP exam.

Schedule your PMP exam date through Pearson VUE test center. Do not study hard during the last week of your PMP study. Just go through your PMP notes each day to remember the content.

Before the exam date, take a good sleep and relax. Plan to appear in the exam center one hour before your PMP exam time so you can accommodate any traffic jam or other unanticipated situations.

To summarize, PMP certification requires a significant amount of time to study. Prepare a solid plan and follow your plan to be successful on your PMP certification exam.

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