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How To Code With Styled Components and React.js

In this tutorial I am showing you guys how I like to use styled components with my react projects. Please Like and Subscribe for more content.

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Final Files:

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Hey there my name is Akram, I am a Front end developer and UI Designer. I’m here to hopefully educated people on how to code projects that actually look good. My stack mainly consist of react.js and node.js. For UI design I like to use adobe XD as my go to. If you have any suggestions on tutorials you would like to see feel free to DM me 🙂

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jithin joseph
jithin joseph
7 months ago

Your videos are awesome. But it would be good if you zoom in the display while typing/showing code. It too difficult to see them now. Anyway great work man. Waiting for more react+animation+gsap+practice contents.

Abderraouf Zine
Abderraouf Zine
7 months ago

Great as always, thank you so much!

I have a few questions:
1- Inside of the row class styled, I noticed that you typed in align-center; center; .. was it a typo? or it actually does something?

2- I read the styled components docs the other day, and I found that they provide a ThemeProvider for theming and global styling, my question is: which approach is a better one? using ThemeProvider or using an object and pass it down to styles?

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