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How to create Pinned Shortcuts in Android App – Part 3

Hello Developers,

Being a developer we always try to give as many features to users as possible. We aim to make user’s life easy with such features.
Shortcuts are the ways, by which users can jump into a particular activity of certain app, right from it’s icon on wall. In this video, you will learn to create Dynamic shortcut in Android App.

Pinned shortcuts can be added to supported launchers at runtime, if the user grants permission.

I am sure you will use it in your App for specifically and frequently used activities.

App Shortcut Series

Part 1 – How to create Static Shortcuts in Android App

Part 2 – How to create Dynamic Shortcuts in Android App

For more details refer :

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Deep Singh
Deep Singh
8 months ago

Thank you sir, you are teaching us many new things

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