How To Get Excessive Navy Loyalty in Tropico 5 (Tropico 5 Navy Ideas)

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Thanks a bunch for this man, subbed. Tried this one out days ago and I've seen quite the improvement!
I usually overlook on the Loyalty section and that's where I can get on the low.
I'm most definitely excited for 6.

Olivier Schröder

There are a few mods you can use that help you upgrade all function. Unrelated there's also a fun one that includes drugtrade mecanics (:

László Bandi
in tropico 4 was better explained, the number of each faction depends on your actions, if you build a farm you tend towards communism, if you build a restaurant and import food you tend towards capitalism, same for difference in salaries, number of docks, police, it all comes down to your views, know what you want, religion is easy, number of churches, number of cathedrals, military consists of number of soldiers per capital, when you increase population, number of rebels may increase, one thing of military is based on that, you need more military than rebels, the other things is… Read more »
Samantha Wolled

Awesome video as always.


Keep going on! Cant wait for Tropico 6!!
Thx 😉

Everything About Anxiety
Everything About Anxiety

Awesome video! Very well made and informative.

El Presidente

mmm, i don't use conscription very much, first because i need not graduated on farms and other stuff, second because i sow that militia is better: they give you a little army usefull to slow down attacks and give the time for the regular military to support them. For outside defense i usually use a tower + military base or 2 tower just to give the time for the main army to arrive.


U dont have to bribe the rebel