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How To Navigate From One Activity To Another Activity In Android | Android Kotlin Tutorial (2020) #9

In this android kotlin tutoril, how to navigate from one activity to another, we will learn how we can move to another screen in an android app on clicking of a button. We will learn to create a layout file for another screen, create an activity file to load this new layout file and will write an intent code to move to another activity on click of a button
An android app may consists of several screen, so you need to know android studio button click new activity and want to learn navigating to kotlin button click new activity, to serve such queries this android navigation tutorial is created that does the task of intent in android studio tutorial. Intent starts another activity, so you need to use intent filter in android, then only you can implement Kotlin with Android Navigate to Second Activity when Button is clicked, that is you can move from one activity to another activity in android using intent. After making a layout file for another screen you need to know how to move from one activity to another in android studio on button click and how to move from one activity to another in android on textview click, in such cases you need to create android multiple activities in one screen and on the user’s action you do how to navigate to another page in android on button click and finish the process of how to navigate from one page to another in android studio.
When an android app becomes large, it becomes necessary navigating in android by applying intent android studio and knowing all the steps involved in android studio move from one activity to another, so the first step is making few android studio multiple button click new activity and out of those multiple activities android studio, you need to write code to apply intent in android studio tutorial. It is through the application of implicit or explicit intent in android studio activity, you can use either of implicit intent in android to apply intent android studio for navigation. You can say that intent android or intent android tutorial is the focus of this android kotlin tutorial of beginners. You will not only use intent android studio and intent android studio kotlin but also all the steps to use intent android kotlin from scratch. We will make an android app that makes you learn intent android new activity and by using intent android button in this intent android studio code, every statement in this intent android source code is explained for beginners in this intent android studio example.
My focus in this android kotlin tutorial course is that you get all answers to kotlin tutorial tutorialspoint, kotlin android and you can learn kotlin from scratch. We will learn kotlin android step by step by making a complete running kotlin android example, and gradually a complete android projects in kotlin will be built by the end of this free course. Not only this, your kotlin concepts will be very clear via learning kotlin by building android applications, making kotlin sample project in this step by step kotlin android tutorial.

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Manaal hassan
Manaal hassan
1 month ago

Cheers mate, may God bless you
Thanks for sharing
You learn me alot

Jay Nepal
Jay Nepal
1 month ago

Sir,can i get job after watching your all tutorial

Ravi Babu
Ravi Babu
1 month ago

Sir progressBar add kaise kare

Vikash saini
Vikash saini
1 month ago

Hindi me bolo please

Tiktok Expectations vs Reality
Tiktok Expectations vs Reality
1 month ago

Sir kotlin seekh rha ho mujhe beginner's se intermediate level tak kitna time lagega

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