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How to send job proposal on peopleperhour | winning cover letter for freelance website urdu guide

If you are tired applying on People Per Hour and not getting any work and consistently applying for a job then read this.

A lot of people apply for a job on a freelancing platform using a simple and static cover letter and doing copy-pasting for all the jobs which are not right many times client ask for something which you have to provide in your job proposal because it makes easier for the client to hire a right freelancer.

You need to understand that each and every project has different problems and caliber and client are paying you for solving their problems if I am hiring someone I will read the cover letter and job proposal first because without reading and knowing their problems if I just copy-pasting cover letter is totally useless.

How do I apply for a freelance project and what I write during apply for a freelance job?

Cover Letter Sample.
Hey Dear or [Client Name].

I am Abdul Aziz, a fulltime freelance designer & animator.

I read your job description and review the attached design samples you share with this job description and I would like to offer my creative services for this {specific project}

You can write a simple 2 lines solutions OR your work process here.

Portfolio Link here:

Looking forward to your kind response.
Abdul Aziz
Freelance Designer Dubai

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Boom Let's draw
Boom Let's draw
8 months ago

great sir subscribe u

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