How Fearful Ought to You be about North Korea?

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So, I do live in Japan, and this is essentially the first time I've had discussions with my family about what to do in the event of a nuclear attack. The conclusion we came to is that you pretty much need a car, radiation suits and a few days worth of supplies ready to go, in a bunker below ground if you want to survive. You get down there when the J-Alert goes off, wait until the initial heat/fire is finished, suit up and drive a good 100km away, out of the danger zone. Failing that, you're pretty well fucked… Read more »
Monkey D. Luffy

North Korea has not killed 10% of how many the us has killed….


I'm currently on holiday in Japan and as a fellow Englishman I can only marvel at the parallels between the Japanese and English concept of 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. Let the bastards threaten whatever they want to threaten, we'll deal with whatever they try.

NoCultist Studio

Can you make a short documentary about the crisis? I mean bit of history, bit of everyday life and also some interviews with people that spend their entire life in the shadow of North Korean missiles flying over roofs of their homes.


i live my comment here, below, thanks

Taichi Yoshida

The craziest thing is that people in Japan still go for work at '5am' as usual even though missiles are launched.

James J

To give some perspective from a South Korean perspective: We genuinely care less than the Japanese – even though we're right next door to North Korea. The only thing we have to worry about is Trump doing something stupid first.

Jamaican Bacon

Thanks for the informative video! 👍👍


If the BBC reaches out to you to give your views on this topic, will you be buying a new mobile phone charger?


Caio Lins

Thanks Chris! My dream to move to Japan still lives strong =D


Love your refreshing attitude well said sir keep on doing what you do best


Meh, not too worried. The gang solved the situation about 10 years ago.


I love all your videos man stay safe. I do have to say though I woke up at 11 am today went and bought bacon at the store in my pajamas and now am cooking bacon watching you so screw that guy

Baily DenhHouten

Well I'd be on high alert. It was Un that said just Friday that Japan is useless and no longer needed. I do agree very much with you though that it's most likely blackmail. They've always done this. The only difference is that now they have the ability to devastate a country……

Lavander Monkey

I'm so hyped about the merch!!!!!

Jay Sal

gotta love that warm cup of choco

Scott Ramsay

Helen's a cow.

Alina Davydov

It's so weird for you to make this video, because the original video that got so many views was the video that got me into your channel in the first place!! In between that video and this one, I have watched every single video on your channel, some twice. You're amazing!

EJ Tech

Dispute the "Not suitable for advertisers" claims since it is done by bots. Your content is in no way controversial.


Could Japan declare war on North Korea in order to force the U.S.'s hands into intervening?

David Macchia
The Albuquerque metro area. Home of the former Site Alpha and currently the largest public stock pile of nuclear weapons in the world. I now have a concern about weaponized cheese obsessed bears. Perhaps this is why China banned some imported cheese types? Frankly I worry about an attempted first nuclear strike by North Korea initiated by it's false living deity because he is willing to and has sacrifice people for his attempt at his own edification. Duck & cover BS response won't help anyone from protecting themselves from potential fallout from a live intercept that is nuclear tipped or… Read more »
Gorilla Jones

This gets demonitized but PewDiePie makes millions playing games and being a dick. Yup, makes sense.


10:53 "Chinese military clamp down hard on masturbating recruits as…" Wait, what?


I really hope your ok. Cause that is BS what is happening to japan. Its US that North Korea should be directing their anger at not anyone else!!

Tiago Brito

Times like these is awesome live in Brazil, it's a neutral place where the soldiers of both sides can come and relax a bit like eating acarajé and dancing samba so go back to war or whatever they are doing.

Conrad TM

Stop standing near the window? What does he think that will do? Nuclear weapons don't care about buildings and Windows. If you're in range of the blast, you'll most likely die either way. If you're not, the building won't protect you from fallout.

Jeffry Tio

I'll move to Japan next month… and yet it worries me a lot, but when I think about it… Japan has a great defensive military waepon too

Kim Mendoza

I'm scared but idk about u I read the missle can reach all the way to Chicago and I'm not trying to die I'm still young

flensdude | pTarian

This channel has become one of my go-to channels for first-class comedy. Even if there were to break out a nuclear war, I'd still expect there to be weekly-ish uploads of pure entertainment.

Also, any chance you could divulge your choice of music to accompany your videos, Chris? In particular the catchy song you've been using at the end of your videos for some time now.

Amy W

Idk why but he reminds me of frank iero?