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Independent Media and Bernie

Welcome to The Average Joe Political Show! Today, I explain why independent media needs to give the Bernie bashing a rest. Subscribe to rosenfield10 for more videos like this.

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Groomy The Clown
Groomy The Clown
1 month ago

I agree wholeheartedly. Bernie is far from perfect but he has done more to bring the issues of universal healthcare, livable wage, and corporate greed to the forefront of American politics than all other politicians combined. Jimmy is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Yzetta Smith
Yzetta Smith
1 month ago

One reason why it might be beneficial to criticize Bernie is that it might push him to do better. No use criticizing the other 95 b/c they are bought off and won't change. I'm just saying my point, too. I wish you a good day.

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