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Interview with a Front-End Developer

This video as a very special celebration video, its a way for me to give back to you all, to say thank you for all your support and love the past few weeks/months. This is my video to celebrate reaching my second YouTube milestone of 300 SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you all so so much!

In this very special video I Interview a real life professional Front-End Developer from the company I work at, The Very Group ( The fantastic gent in this video is Joe Furniss and we discuss all sorts of topics, to do with his life, his career path and his day-to-day activities as a Front-End Web Developer (questions and timestamps are down below if you want to skip ahead…). In this video we find out what make’s the marvellous Joe Furniss tick and how he become the front-end developer he is today.

Joe works at the Very Group too and works on the front end web interfaces that the customers/users see and interact with. He writes HTML, JS & CSS to accomplish this and he explains about the best ways to learn his craft and common ‘gotchas’ and warnings that go along with it and importantly some of the industry standard tools and software that he uses on a daily basis, like ReactJS, NodeJS, Cypress, Jest, Webpack and many many more…

Joe is absolutely incredible and is immensely talented at what he does, this video is a must watch for anyone interested in becoming a web dev (front-end dev) or for anyone simply interested in the brilliant dude himself.

Links discussed in the video ======================


Smashing magazine

Html goodies

MDN (Mozilla Developer Network)

Wes Bos Youtube:

Kent Dodds Youtube:

React Js:

React Native:








NodeJS and NPM:

Questions that are asked and their timestamps ======================

01:16 – Who are you? What do you do?
01:33 – What is the difference between a front-end & a web developer
02:30 – How did you get into front-end dev?
04:34 – How did you transition back into tech after studying physics?
06:59 – Any advice you would give to someone wanting to become a front-end dev?
08:18 – Any good online learning resources?
10:02 – Any good front-end dev Youtubers?
10:29 – What is React?
12:29 – What is the difference between React & React Native?
13:10 – Is Angular JS similar to React?
13:33 – What would you warn people about before getting into front-end dev?
15:33 – What is your dev setup?
17:52 – What is the purpose/need for webpack?
19:36 – Any decent VSCode extensions that you use?
20:45 – How do you text your code? Automation/Unit?
21:29 – How do you test for all the different web browsers?
23:22 – What is NodeJS?
25:46 – Any important/useful Node packages?
26:43 – Fun Extra Questions…

Thank you so much for watching. Feel free to reach out to me on my socials (below) with any questions or ideas for future videos…


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Thumbnail Background: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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