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Interview with Joel Gamoran

Growing up, Joel Gamoran was petrified of speaking in public. And he can’t stand writing. How, then, did he become National Chef for Sur La Table (, the gregarious host of A+E’s hit series “Scraps” (, and author of the Cooking Scrappy Cookbook (

Joel joined us by phone to share his story, as well as cooking tips and tricks everyone can try at home to make their cooking more delicious, more sustainable, and less of a chore.

Can’t-miss moments from the show:

1. Joel and his TV crew were robbed while filming on location … at Imperfect!
2. Learn how Katie Couric became a fan — and then catalyst for his show and book.
3. What’s one guest from his show Joel will always remember? You’ll hear the story of Eduardo Garcia, aka the Bionic Chef. Garcia lost four ribs, several torso muscles, 10 inches of his left forearm, and his left hand after a freak hiking accident.
3. Joel is obsessed with corn cobs. You will be, too, after you learn what you can do with them.
4. There are two things every home cook is afraid of. Add these to your kitchen routine, and your cooking will be forever changed. What are home cooks afraid of? Joel lets us know.

Links to the things we mentioned in the show:

1. Learn more about Joel, his cookbook, and his show at:
2. Joel’s recipe for brining chicken with pickle juice:

3. Reilly’s high school graduation speech:
4. Joel’s recipe for polenta made with corn milk from the Today show:
5. Joel shares ways to use spent coffee, mushroom stems, and corn cobs:
6. Reilly is imperfect, too and forgot to ask Joel what his favorite karaoke song was. But we followed up with Joel. Joel loves belting out A Whole New World from Aladdin. We tried to find video of this incredible visual — to no avail. Here’s the best we can offer:

We have more on Joel on our website,

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