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Ionic 4 Tutorial: How To Create Mobile Apps Quickly

In this Ionic 4 tutorial, we will show you how to create mobile apps quickly using Ionic 4, Angular 8, and Cordova.
In other words, this tutorial is the starting point to learn Ionic Framework, Angular, and Cordova.
What you will get is not just create and running Ionic-Angular apps, but a little bit meaningful by displaying data in the Ionic list or grid, details, and Google maps.
Also, you will learn the basic routing for Ionic Tabs that included the parameters.
For more details about accessing data from REST API, Firebase, or Google Maps related, we have written the tutorials for you on our site.

This tutorial will be done in 6 steps plus 1 step to run and test in the Android and iOS devices.

Step #1. Preparation
Step #2. Create an Ionic 4 App with the Type of Angular
Step #3. Modify Angular 8 Routes
Step #4. Display Data to the Ionic List/Grid
Step #5. Display Data to the Ionic Card
Step #6. Display Google Maps
Step #7. Run and Test the Ionic 4/Angular 8 Apps

Find the full tutorial here:

More on Ionic Tutorial here:

Full working source codes:

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