Israel Launches Airstrikes on Syrian Army- WW3 Replace

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5 Comments on "Israel Launches Airstrikes on Syrian Army- WW3 Replace"

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war face

Big move

john Boylan

Kinda odd how Israel can move about Syria freely and Russia wont touch them? S400 cant seem to get them? hmmmm?

Felix Zaragoza

Israel only pulls this bullsh-t because they know the USA will rush in to defend them in case their a$$es are handed to them.

assassinate evil

Israel land of the most vile demons on this planet. The word of God promised to rid this world of these creatures spreading depravity, baal worshippers blood thirsty child killers, oh lord destroy your enemy n our enemy that dwell in the land called Israel

CLM Durden

Obama libcunts were using isis rebels which is usa control opposition to begin with to conquer syria for the greater Israehell project from the beginning!