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JBCN19 Keynote: Introduction to Java Based Blockchain Smart Contracts Framework on Ardor Platform

Most existing blockchain smart contract frameworks use their own DSL and proprietary tools making them much less accessible for developers. In this keynote, a blockchain contracts framework developed in pure Java and deployed into standard Java JRE is presented on the Ardor platform by Lior Yaffe, blockchain developer and co-founder of Jelurida.

The talk covers topics like:
– Existing challenges to blockchain contracts design
– Stateful vs. stateless contracts
– Metering contract execution
– Smart contracts security concerns
Introduction to the Ignis lightweight contracts framework:
– Making contracts stateless
– Custom class loaders for securely storing and loading blockchain contracts
– Utilizing the Java security model for sandbox execution
– Verification of deployed contracts against the contract’s original source code
– Using dynamic proxies to inject runtime parameters into a contract instances.

The Ignis lightweight contracts framework is part of the open source Java blockchain project called Ardor Platform, you can take a look at the source code here:

Resource cheat sheet that helps you get started with Ardor and Ignis:

Click to access get-started.pdf

Developer Documentation on the Ardor Learning Hub:

Jelurida website:

Jelurida on Twitter:
Ardor on Twitter:

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