Pleasure Behar Says Trump Supporters Can ‘Go Hungry’ For All She Cares

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4 Comments on "Pleasure Behar Says Trump Supporters Can ‘Go Hungry’ For All She Cares"

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Mike Librizzo

When she dies and ends her journey where she whines up even the devil is going to turn her away that's how bad this girl is stikwood her career stay out of politics she's a hateful b**

Joy Bear is as stupid as it gets I'm for Trump Joy I am standing up and yelling from the top of the mountains. If you are a democrate you are OK with pedophiles running the country Joy. I don't get people like you Joy just can't get over the election and you are so mad Trump won it has made you stupid. Trump has no problem with women just stupid women you would rather rather have a pussy ass President Obama in office that sucks up and gets walked all over by guys like Sum Yung Cum in North… Read more »
Anthony Maddison

A classic no doubt

Bryan Swenson

When I see or hear Joy, I just turn my tv off.