Kellyanne Conway on Moore: He need votes to Cross Tax Invoice. #KellyanneConway #TaxBill #RoyMoore

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11 Comments on "Kellyanne Conway on Moore: He need votes to Cross Tax Invoice. #KellyanneConway #TaxBill #RoyMoore"

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Ann P

Who is surprised that Kellyann Conway is a member of the newly formed paedophile society in this Trump administration

Martha Medina

Everyone should be held accountable for their actions..that includes the president!!!!! What has this country become that we accept someone who clearly has evidence but then do nothing about it for the sake of political power!!. I am sooo fucken mad that all these women that were children then are coming out and they are being ignored..

billy the dead

Ok remember this Kelly Ann dose not care one bit that he's a child predator only that he needs to be elected so the moron and chiefs god awful tax plan

lamarrs Smith

where have all the morals gone? wake up people.

Frank Hoffman

It's as I've said for many years. During campaigns, Republicans drone on about family values, budget deficits and Christianity, but IMMEDIATELY forget all of that upon being elected. FΓ΄r decades now, the only issue they show themselves willing to really fight for is tax cuts for the rich. Clearly, Moore's creepy, pedo past is all forgiven if he figures to vote for the tax cuts.

All you evangelicals and budget hawks out there need to stop being told what to think and open your eyes. Tax cuts are more important than abortion? Than blΓ΄wing up the National Debt? Really ???

Kira Knudsen

If the tax bill goes through, it is the beginning of the end.

Mijemu mijemu

Elect a child molester, this is the end of this republican party it is garbage.

Torpedo Of Truth

😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 All of a sudden Roy Moore has so much to say after reviewing the facts of his case via his lawyers. Had he been innocent he would have stated it unequivocally from the beginning.

The other woman in the Al Franken case is most likely a plant frankly. 😴


The second time she said. I guess her mom didn't teach her how to say no means no , stranger danger, don't touch my no,no spot. Interesting

Laquinta Mentlow

kelly Ann Conway is fuckin sad

Martha Medina

Mannnnn….Now I know what Republicans and this president stand for!!! Kelly Ann and this administration are despicable and horrible people. They are saying we support pedohiles, sexual predators and we will defend these horrible and horrendous people for the sake of tax cuts for the rich and their donors…