Kim Jong-un’s LETTER OF DEATH: North Korea ‘getting ready imminent nuclear assault’ on USA

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regardless of whether there is or is not a letter of threat to the US, it is far far past time for the US, along with other nations, to obliterate looney-un and his entire command structure along with all military assets of North Korea, and, for South Korean troops to flood into North Korea bringing food, medicines and medical treatment, and power generation and sanitation systems; all of which should be supplied at no cost by China, and over the next 30 years China should pay South Korea for the full cost of rehabilitation and development of a North Korean… Read more »
Lucky Selva

Does not make sense for NK to issue a warning to Russia about an imminent strike on US. He should send the warning to US instead?? He has got his wires crossed. No one takes NK seriously.

Eugene Crocker

I don't think he has the right combination yet to be threatening any country yet. It is more difficult to take a rocket and send it high enough to reach the USA or countries further than short range. The amount of heat that happens when a missel goes far enough out of the atmosphere to go long range. This generates a huge amount of heat making the payload unstable and blow up before it reaches it's target.

Patricia Love

Above it states: Fictional!

michael lennon

I think it's all fake news

Valentina di Firenze


russbren bowles

I think it's very sad that any country would choose to unleash nuclear weapons on billions of innocent people. …
I'm glad president trump and president putin are trying to resolve this through negotiations. ..
I applaud all the countries comming together in peace so we all can be equal and prosperous. .
Kim Jong un needs to come to the table and quit threatening to kill with bombs.
God bless the whole world 💚 💛 💜 💓

Martin Contaoi

Fake news