LIVE S0 Information | Sept.15.2017

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Observing the Frontier 2018: Wished- Earthquake Forecasters: Earthquake Forecasting …


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where is that dashboard with all the embedded graphs?

Gage The Navigator

Is there any correlation between the position of the planets or other star systems and solar activity?

Paul Johnstone

When everyone is going crazy I watch you. Than everything make sence !!!

Iluminum Falcon

Our power went out last night around 2 to 6 in the morning power line burst it was pitch black here in Springfield MO I was so hopeing it was solar flare but just a small fire short circuited one grid here.

Bryce G. Medina

Are you able to make a video of how the Earth's magnetic field, And the sun; of how they have changed or been impacted in the last year?

neal glisson
On this date in History – September 15,1683 – Germantown, Pa founded by 13 immigrant families1752 – A great hurricane produced a tide along the South Carolina coast which nearly inundated downtown Charleston. However, just before the tide reached the city, a shift in the wind caused the water level to drop five feet in ten minutes1812 – French army under Napoleon reaches Kremlin, Moscow1831 – The locomotive “John Bull” operates for the first time in New Jersey on the Camden and Amboy Railroad (see below 1981)1910 – Rains of .27 inch on the 14th and .73 inch on the… Read more »
Tone P

Ben and community, question:
Is there any relation to the proton storm and the recent Atlantic hurricanes? if going by Svensmark cloud theory, would the recent proton storm hitting Earths atmosphere be enough to provide the aerosol particulate for mass cloud cover combined with magnetics from the Sun to provide enough material in the atmosphere to create the storms?

Harvey Acosta
Kelly Hamilton

I love when you do the live streams and explain what your looking at and why you look where you look. Coupled with explanations relating solar wind stream and density made this all make more sense! Very cool indeed.

holly wiley

Hi everyone.. still behind.. not myself layelu

Vincent Cimato
Good day everyone, I seek all of your thoughts. While Hurricane Irma approached and did its thing on Florida, countless news stories and photographs appeared about 2 things: the largest mass Exodus in America's history, and Zombie like people walking dazed and confused (A Led Zepplin reference) in a Tampa Bay missing its water all the way down to the dry ground. This was not an isolated event, as it happened all around the Floridian peninsula and Caribbean. There is documentation about this happening before…. strangely enough at another mass Exodus – which is written about in the Book of… Read more »

They seriously need to put an SDO-like satellite on the far side of the Sun.


My mother doesn't like this

Mega MindyLou

I really really really like this live recording. The daily ones are so short and hurried.

Bruce Wayne

What if everything you are seeing is CGI…. everything you base your data on is supplied by those who maybe untrustworthy.

Queen of Hearts Baby

Voyager 1 & 2. Have left our Universe 🌎❗🌎
There Going where NO MAN, will Get To 👅❗👅
NASA just lost 1 of there New Voyagers ❗
It Slamed Into Saturan 💥
Lucky we have 1 more that's headed to Uranus NOW 👅❗👅
It takes Pics & Sound 📡❗📡

N1C0 01

bros, that northern polar vortex is almost over Spain, is that normal? And the southern is east of New Zealand!
I know the magnetic poles are moving but Earth's rotational axis is moving too? Weird and interesting times we live in right now :O

darren p

I hope you know how much we appreciate all your hard work. Thank You so much.

Michael Walker

What about the umbral fields on the incoming side? Kinda looks like an active sunspot is about to come around soon.

Insane Orange

Thank you explaining more the usual. I am new at this.


Aren't we having a rather active minimum? Do you still think we are in for another Maunder minimum? If so why?

Scientific Lee

no planets give off light unless they have an atmosphere as energy is invisible until it meets matter…which it then rotates through and creates an optical frequency wave which we can see.

Scientific Lee

black planet just means no atmosphere…no atmosphere…no light given off…simple physics….you only get light from electrified dust…as comets are black til they are electrically machined and the dust starts to light up and send out a "tail"….when they get close enough to the sun…..all space rocks are "black"…until they get close enough to be machined.
This is another rock too far away from the sun to be machined to give an atmosphere…..nothing more in my opinion…
even the moon has an atmosphere…nasa admitted a few years ago….made from dust..


This should be classroom curriculum straight up.

Michael Hayes

That hole will reverb back; to the flare site.

Jay Dee

Arrest the FAKE SCIENTISTS @ IPCC for denying the truth and lying, by injecting false temperature data into the space between the spaces of reality……..PATHETIC at the top, well meaning (but misguided) at the bottom, but in the middle are the traitors that lie for nothing more than for money.

Kenneth Oliver

Here in western North Carolina, had to change the VAC Dropout setting from 60 to100 VAC on an off grid MS4448PAE inverter/charger; due to transients (momentary variation in current, voltage, or frequency) causing a repetitive switching from inverter mode to charge mode. These events seemed to correlate with the Geoelectric Field Map to the minute; suggesting that I increase my settings. However, it solved the issue; thanks Ben.