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Love and Hate

This video is a brief fearanalysis by Dr. R. Michael Fisher of the recent short interview of Anderson Cooper (CNN) with Marianne Williamson (July 17, 2019). Fisher explores how easy it is for anyone to get involved in fearmongering, even if not intended–left or right–along the political spectrum. He highly recommends people watch this interview http:://

What was not included in this video by Dr. Fisher is that underneath fear is hurt. That latter point is what has to be talked about and all hurt wants to heal. So, using a language of “hate” is not in particular useful to help us be compassionate with our enemies no matter what side of the political spectrum that is launched–it will only breed more hurt and less healing. No social trust and healthy life can be sustained if there no healing–and, he recommends the path of fearlessness as the better way to go–because even love-mongering doesn’t really work or attune finely enough, as shown in this interview with Cooper and Williamson to what is going on deeper below the surfaces of symptoms.

08:23 – I should have said the title of Williamson’s book is “Politics of Love”
08:55- I should have said she’s a big advocate for understanding “love and fear” (I got caught in the very rhetoric I was critiquing her for which is the foregrounding of “love and hate”)
27:30 – I did say “this is hurtful” but I really want to include that in my fearanalysis of “Why is fear so powerful?” in undermining politics and beyond… and, I wished I had added, it is because of “hurt” (unhealed painful memory – trauma)–that’s the kind of fear (‘fear’) that is toxic and most powerful–thus, we need to build a fearlessness psychology for a healing culture.

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