Maria Cardona on Sebelius: Clinton WH Doubled Down on “ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR” @MariaTCardona

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M Umo

Please democrats, do not focus on Trump. Focus on things that affect us, the people. Ignore Trump.

M Umo

I would like to see Kathleen Sebellious react to her husband being accused of bad behavior.

I guess we move from blaming the victims to blaming the spouse. That’ll be stupid.

"…who put a sexual predator in the oval office." I really wonder why people aren't getting sued as often as people say this sort of line. I thought you weren't supposed to say it like that, because there is an actual difference and saying such makes it out as if it is a fact or conviction. I'm getting very tired of people claiming things that aren't actually known. People have done it for so damn long, I'm not so sure they deserve more time, once they do it enough. I understand there are difficulties, but even if so, people need… Read more »