Mass. tops U.S. Information & World Report’s finest states rating

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U.S. Information & World Report reveals its inaugural checklist of the most effective U.S. states. It provides perception into how state insurance policies and practices have an effect on individuals’s lives. Rankings are …


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Luis Portillo Reyes

I'm a Massachusetts resident
And I know 3 languages I doubt I would have learned it in some other crapy state. P.S I worked in Health Care right out of high school. I'm fine here lol 😂

Ben Johnson

I love the minneSOTA stereotype. I'm from there and met only 1 person with that accent!


The only thing good thst ever came out of Massachusetts was The Cars back in the 70's. Let the good times roll!


See this is what liberal policies will get you. Other states should take notes. Governor Charlie Baker is a Republican but the state legislature is pretty much all Democrat, and even Charlie Baker is quite liberal by the national standard.

NE Patrul

It's number two, but I'm surprised New Hampshire isn't number 1.

LOL! Bogus list. Everyone knows that Colorado is the Number 1 best state, which is why hordes of pilgrims and refugees from all the other states are migrating here, and it isn't for the weed, proclaimed Colorado's Governor. It's for all the recreational activities the state has to offer, like hunting, camping and fishing, mountain climbing and skiing, snow mobiling and bike riding along thousands of miles of bike trails, clogged hi ways and 24/7 rush hours on the major roads, sky rocketing out of control high cost of housing and a host of other sweet and sour reasons. Colorado……we're… Read more »
Angela Petersen

Land of witches and hoaxes….