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Maven Intelligence Co-Founder Elisa Choy reveals power of AI for content creators at AFTRS RE:FRAME

Promotions—be they for film, TV or podcasts— can create attention, but engagement comes only when your content connects with what really matters to your audience.

The future of entertainment is in truly understanding audience desire. Through language-based data, we can now understand the narratives that are shaping desire, and create content to capture it.

At AFTRS RE:FRAME 2019, Maven Intelligence Co-Founder and Data Whisperer, Elisa Choy, gave Australia’s leading content creators a taste of what the future of film, television and content could look like if they open their creativity to the possibilities of data.

Big data holds the answers to what audiences truly want.
By using AI to understand petabytes of language data, you can understand your audience in a way that’s never been possible before.
And, not only can you predict audience engagement, you will be able to understand the all important ‘why’, so future content can be created to engage deeper still.

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