Merkel open to thought of Eurozone finance minister

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Empire building. Lesson #1. This is a method that has remained pretty much unchanged since the dawn of time.Step 1. Gain control over the money. Step 2. Gain control over the military. Step 3. Use 1 and 2 to cling on to power. This finance minister will not be elected by the people for the people, he or she will be selected by the politicians for the politicians and the financial interests they serve. At no point is the best interests of the taxpayers who pay for it made a primary priority. In order to stop the people from rising… Read more »
matt K

EU was hijacked by very greedy characters, and those two will completely destroy EU within next 5-10 years. All EU members started compering their budgets before and after they join EU and concluded that they all have huge budget deficits, EU throws money like drunken sailors all over the place, EU doesn't cares about budget deficit consequences, and as a result most EU members are in serious debt. Germany and France are making some money on bankrupted Greece but soon they may end up in poor house themselves as their own economies have huge problems, especially France.

José Dourado

an United Europe is an Europe with future