Merkel, Schulz attain out to undecided voters as far-right surge looms

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L exprinto

'refugeephilia' is a mental illness
Germany – WAKE UP! I do hope that Merkel 's days are numbered


Vote left – you lose
Vote right – you lose
Dont vote – you lose
Smoke weed – you lose, but laugh

Merkel is a degenerate traitor.Guilty of importing MENA muslim animals, aiding and abetting murderers, rapists and criminals and then expecting the German victims to pay for her insanity.She has the blood of atleast 12 Germans on her hands! 12 Germans, that had it not been for her insanity, would have been alive today. Parents would still have their sons and daughters. Grandparents would watch their grandchildren grow up, marry and start families of their own.Things that are important in life, things that TRULY matter, all gone because of Merkel and her abhorrent murderous filth. And god help anyone who objects… Read more »