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MGTOW Gray reparations is impossible part 4

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Zeal Gray mgtow
Zeal Gray mgtow

So you're saying reparations is possible Mike please tell me how cuz I want mines

Mike Polakowski
Mike Polakowski

The first "battle" was said to last a few seconds or so, but took a toll, as ten whites and two blacks lay dead or dying in the street.[17] The black contingent retreated toward Greenwood. A rolling gunfight ensued. Im not going to get into your negro version of events…… Not long ago I spoke with a native whos grandfather was there…..he said that the cause of the riot….was black shooting at unarmed whites…… as he said…..they were shot like dogs in the street…. Most of the explainations offered by people like you make no sense……with the known fact about… Read more »