Lacking household/associates within the Army – #KGDT 023

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King Tay

Does everyone in the airforce have to fly a plane


Hey Kyle, I've watched a whole bunch of your videos but I've never caught what your actual job is in the Air Force. Did I miss it, or are you not allowed to say?

Julie Jigsaw

Lol I hope I can be as positive about my location when we're from NYC and he's stationed in North Carolina 😂


Talking to family and friends over text and video chat is different from being with them in person though. I’m missing this years holidays with them cause I’m stationed overseas and I miss them so much. There’s pros and cons, you miss everything back home (birthdays, holidays, etc) to travel and enjoy the world

Motivation Platoon

Being homesick is the main reason I got out of the USMC

Christy Walter

It's hard to be away family and friends.


This one hits hard at home. Just spent Thanksgiving away from my family for the first time. Nice video.

Kate Q

My boyfriend has been in the marines for over a year and I’m leaving for air force bmt in a few months. Long distance sucks but it’s not that hard. You can always call and text people if you miss them. Countdown timers until you see them is nice motivation if you need it ☺️

Joseph Magana

I just joined the coast guard and chose to leave Florida and go to the Pacific Northwest, and I didn’t expect the distance from family/friends to be this difficult. At least there’s FaceTime.

Ashton Burrell

Hey Kyle, I'm really enjoying the Daily Thoughts! The unscripted nature of the videos allow you to get your thoughts out more completely. You've really helped me a lot with these!

Just Wright

Totally agree with you guys! My Airman husband & I just celebrated our 1st Thanksgiving without any family or friends!…it was just us two. We’ll also be celebrating Christmas just us two as well.
Everyone in our lives all understands we live an active duty lifestyle & along with us we’re totally fine being away from family. Besides that’s why we can always visit them, or they can come visit us. Plus FaceTime is always helpful!. That’s our ways of connecting with others

Mathew Edwards

Hey future Airman here. I was wondering if married couples who live off base can still eat for free at the chow halls, and take advantage of free food. Or those who live off base must live off of their food allowance. Leaving in 47 days and thanks for the videos bro.


Why you are completely without stubble like girl almost all time? Is stupid rule in army?

JD Frey

Just a question and thank you if you anwser but what do you think I should do join Air Force out of high school or go to college and finish that with ROTC then going to the Air Force. What would be smarter? Thanks😁

tilton malvin

Why your cat is so overweight? Why you give it so much food? It is dangerous and harmful to be so overweight for cat. You must give it less food for losing weight.

Zachary Alexander

Hey Kyle, I ship to basic on Dec. 5th! Wish me luck!

Nicole Way

Missing family on the holidays does stink. We are a military family as well. My husband is in the Air Force and is currently on a year remote tour. 🙁 So I get it. I love your videos and this was a great video. So thank you for all you do. Thank you also for your service.

Jayati Barman


Salem Rhea

Hey Kyle! Been binge watching your videos before I ship off to BMT for USAF (ship date is 12 Dec 2017). You're pretty much an inspiration and what I'd want my life to be like in the AF.
Of course there's a million worries and questions but I'm looking forward to getting through it all!
Main worry is long distance relationship with my gf of 4 1/2 years. Talking everyday to 2 or more months of close to nothing will be pretty hard, but the AF's benefits will hopefully be worth it!

David Walker

Can you get taught how to drive in the military? Like if you went in not knowing how to drive will someone teach you?

Josh Ewing

BMT Vaccines?

Night Strider

I’m planing on joining the Air Force out of high school and you’re videos are very interesting and helpful and allow me to see what life would be like in USAF.

Andrew Christopher