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Mommy reads a bedtime story to help you fall asleep ASMR (personal attention, page turning)

An Every Child ASMR relaxation role-play
Miss Kate playing the role of: Loving Mother

Mommy comforts her child, getting them all tucked in and ready for bed. This video features two excellent bedtime stories, and lots of tingly ASMR triggers to help your little one fall asleep in no time!

Every Child ASMR is for children, parents, and for everyone whose inner child needs a little extra TLC.
Every Child ASMR videos are always 100% kid-friendly!

Check out this article to learn about the benefits of ASMR and children’s mental health!

Make Every Child ASMR part of your family’s nightly bedtime routine! An effective way to de-stress, calm and prepare for sleep. Please like and subscribe to keep the home-grown, wholesome ASMR coming your way! 🙂

0:00 Introduction
1:17 Mommy reads bedtime story #1
“I love you more each day”
Written by Suzanne Chiew, illustrated by Tina MacNaughton
Buy the book here:

11:51 page turning sounds
14:05 Snuggly blanket ASMR
15:39 Tucking you in like a snuggle buggle in a ruggle!
17:24 Fluffing your favorite cushy pillow
19:25 Mr. Monkey plushie ASMR sounds
21:21 Velcro sounds

25:30 Mommy reads bedtime story #2
“Love is you and me”
Written/ illustrated by Monica Sheehan
Buy the book here:

25:44 Tapping on hardcover book sounds
35:31 Scratching sounds on back of book
36:55 Slow cracking of book spine
37:33 Sleeping angel ASMR sounds
38:38 Music key clicking sounds
40:04 Kind loving words
40:35 Ear to ear whispers
40:59 More music key clicking
41:21 Final goodnight with Angel Lullaby

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