Murcia Property Market Weathers The Storm Due To Eternal Appeal

Situated in the beautiful South east region of Spain, lies the popular and picturesque region of Murcia. Known throughout the world for its stunning beaches, beautiful vineyards and stunning climate, Murcia has long proved popular with the overseas holiday and tourist industry. As with so many real estate markets, the large number of tourists and visitors who have chosen to relocate to the region, are at the heart of a 20 year property boom, which has unduly weathered the recent economic crisis better than many of its illustrious neighbors .

The focal point of the Murcia region is without doubt the popular university town of Murcia itself. A bustling and busy town, Murcia is home to a wide selection of bars and cafés and restaurants. This beautiful university town is also home to some of the region's most stunning, traditional architecture. In particular, the superb 14th century Cathedral de Santa Maria, which is widely acknowledged as being one of the finest examples of classical Baroque architecture to be found anywhere in Spain.

At the heart of Murcia's ever popular tourist industry is the region's superb Mediterranean climate. Blessed with sunshine for the vast majority of the year, the resorts throughout the Murcia region are among the most popular in the Spanish tourist industry, and every year large numbers of tourists flock from all over Europe to sample the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and golden sand beaches for which the region is so well-known.

Over the course of the past 10 years, the consider increase in demand for property in Murcia has resolved in a large number of new property developments being built. Indeed, the issue of oversupply of property in Murcia became increasingly acute during the recent financial crisis, where Murcia suffered a fall in property prices very much in line with those seen elsewhere in southern Spain.

Despite the challenging economic conditions however, there is still a demand for property in Murcia and surrounding regions. More importantly, the recent decrees in property prices throughout the region have seen this consistent demand is set to begin to translate into sales. Only time will tell if this short-term trend is to translate into something more sustainable, however these positive signs do bode well for the future of the Murcia property industry.

Without doubt, the enduring appeal of the Murcia region has stood in good stead over the course of the past two years, and it is indeed telling that the demand for property in Murcia proved particularly robust in comparison with other parts of Southern Spain.

For people looking to buy property at the present, the more realistic approach to property prices being taken by vendors and estate agents alike, has resolved in better value for money being seen through the Murcia property market. Again, only time will tell, however there is an increasing consensus that the opportunities that exist at present are unlikely to remain open for the long term.

Source by Mark J Burns

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