Thriller Deepens over Rand Paul’s Alleged Assault with Neighbor. #RandPaul

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Agent Thorson
If they have not spoken for years, and they live closely with each other for years ( 17 years )then now it clear that this has nothing to do with `landscaping ` but purely ` PoliticallyMotivated` b/cuz` he is a Left-Wing, Liberal, Communist ,Socialists Supporter and SenatorRand Paul is a GOP who has totally opposite `Political Views ` than him.Now, we understand the reason behind such `VIciousness `, SO MUCH HATE, and VIolence ` infused in this attacked, plusl also , PREMEDITATION , by attacking him behind his back ( Blind-Sided ) him. Well, in the end, your Client will… Read more »

I was amazed that an attack on a member of congress could be ever considered a misdemeanor. If crazy angry people are allowed to attack senators, the balance of power could be quickly shifted by violence alone to only two senators…. that is unacceptable in a democracy.