Neighbor Pleads Not Responsible to assaulting Sen. Rand Paul. #MysteryDeepens #RandPaul

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4 Comments on "Neighbor Pleads Not Responsible to assaulting Sen. Rand Paul. #MysteryDeepens #RandPaul"

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rodney worthington

Theres no Mystery here,Man attacks another while mowing Lawn,Beats crap out of other man,Charge Brutal assault..=Jail Time.Simple.

rodney worthington

The court needs to have this attacker undergo a Mental exam.

Dan Cobb

The lawyer just confirmed the two men haven't had any form of communication in years and yet they can have a personal dispute over yard maintenance? That makes zero sense and to me, confirms this guy attacked him for other reasons. I mean not even a note saying rake your fing leaves up or don't let your dog shit in my yard.

Pondart Inc

He probably got run over by a deer and didn't want to admit it.