New Tonight: Is Republican Tax Plan in Hassle? #TaxPlan #GOP #Breaking

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Vince Bellisano


mathew idicula

To idiot and Democrats, the Republicans want to go full tilt right. This is your opening not just to save Obamacare but to gain the headline, by being proactive, because let's face it if not for Obamacare the democrats would be republican light make college more affordable, what American does not want that? And also keep assuring the American public your party is not led by Joseph Stalin.

Ray McNulty

oh give me a break you Trumpkin…it will never happen…we all know it & no matter how they try to spin it & pivot it…we all know the Businesses will put the $$ into their own bank accounts. That Steve guy has been all over the airwaves for months & dude must have a serious coke problem because he's always snuffling & sniffling….we know where his tax break money will end up going.

Tas Tapsas
Yes, Apple promises to bring back there money too America. They'll create a small thrift shop and hire two people. In the meantime they'll continue to keep their illgotten wealth overseas avoiding paying tax just like they have always avoided paying it. If you factor in all the loopholes, accounting tricks, overseas subsidiaries they use for " loans ", financial institutions hiding their cash, money laundering, companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Exxon, Microsoft, you can go on and on, and individuals who are obscenely wealthy, and hide their wealth in overseas non-taxing jurisdictions, they are already paying an effective rate… Read more »