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News Brief 7/6/19: HRC Withdraws From Cyber Conf./ Warren Calls for Reparations for Gay Couples

Nemos News Network correspondent Tasneem reports on the news bits for the day

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PonyBoy Kurtis
PonyBoy Kurtis

Dont hype up the KIllary Rotten thing so much w/o evidence. Shes probly just an embarassment to any security company and in no danger of jail anytime soon probly until after 2020 re-election.
Trump and the whitehats know even if theyve got damning evidence to put killary away for life or death penalty if they dont win 2020 the demonrats will quash her trial/suspend sentence or something.!

PonyBoy Kurtis
PonyBoy Kurtis

These SJWs, leftists are not going away, the best we can do is get the vote out and get much higher percentages of conservative voters activated to actually vote as well as volunteer and knock on doors and donate. Trump won with only 20% of the funding, hilary and demonrats had 80% of election funds. I read the book"Liberal Mind" and its all about how liberals mostly come from broken homes of die-vorce, single moms, physical or mental abuse at home, actually bullied not snowflake bullied, leaving them with gaping holes or wounds in their psyche and they figure if… Read more »


At this point, the only people who want democrats are either uninformed, mis informed, sociopaths, and the lazy.