NFL Handicapping – Panthers Vs Buccaneers Recap

The Carolina Panthers scored a low 7 -20 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this last Sunday where Bucs finally fought victory after a three-game losing streak against the Panthers, who led the all-time series 12-8. Carolina and Tampa Bay will meet again this season at Raymond James Stadium on November 14.

Everett Brown and David Gettis made their debut on the field covering for injured Brayton and Lafell. The insult was poor and Coach Fox was not happy with a low score of a poor 7. There were opportunities, drops and misses, which made the difference in the score. In the aftermath of this loss Carolina Coach John Fox has announced that he is starting quarterback Jimmy Clausen on Sunday against the Bengals.

Fox made the only choice he could have to put Clausen up as quarterback. Let's be happy he announced it today, instead of postponing it until the end of the week.

Do not expect Clausen to come in and make things better for the Carolina Panthers. That does not happen often with rookie quarterbacks. The Panthers have a lot of issues that have to be settled, which will be discussed later.

Fox made the right move to go ahead and get Clausen on the field even though many a football handicapper did wonder at the time if it was worth the risk as Week 2 games are always important turning points for the rest of the season. Clausen looks to be the safest bet in the Carolina building next year (including coaches, players and workers). Get him up and out there and let him prove what he's got!

He will, however, need some help to solve the other issues affecting the team at the moment. It should be noticed that Carolina had only three receivers that were active in the lost game in Tampa Bay. The elite receiver was Stevie Smith, the other rookie starter was David Gettis, who got picked in the sixth round and finally the third receiver was Dwayne Jarret, who has been one of the largest resignations in the Carolina draft history. Jarret played, but the Panthers did not even let him touch the ball and did not throw one pass his way ¬- which is understandable since he has not been performing well. Since the Panthers are crammed with youthful players, they might as well go ahead and put Armanti Edwards on the game on Sunday. Edwards is a good project because a year ago he was a college quarterback. But let's be honest, the whole team is a try-out.

One of the issues was the previous game. It was not horrendous, but it was far from being dominant with right tackle Jeff Otah being injured and absent, and veteran fullback Brad Hoover out of the picture, the results did not differ that much and there was hardly any difference at all. The defensive line in preseason did not give any major results and still has not produced anything. The only sack the panthers have come from the linebacker Dan Conner in the opener.

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