No, Britain May Not Beat China army!!

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Not that it will happen , a war in neutral country between these two nations and no one else would result in the complete obliteration of UK forces within 3 months . As much as I admire the British armed forces as a fighting unit wars are fought on resources and Britain lacks on all accounts . If Argentina with its conscripts ,WW2 navy and tiny airforce can give them a run for their money back in the 80s ,Britain today has less capability than it did then in terms of ships , planes and professionally trained man . This… Read more »

But Britain can beat Argentina any time, that why Falkland island , a few hundred km away belong to Britain but not Argentina.
Poor Argentinian.
How far away is Falkland island is from Britain ????
"Don't cry for me, Argentina"

Eouz Cuemarz

Britain once said it will not hesitate to make first nuke strike against Russia. The Brits forgot how tiny is their island against Russian territory with much more powerful nukes at its disposal.

indian slumdog

"How 750 British soldiers defeated 62,000 Indian soldiers"

Atao 7860

hahaha britain is comparing china stupid

Apache Sakai

No, Britain is not an Empire anymore, They no need to beat China in Military, Britain is only a small Island, what they have is more than enough

Photon -

sad to say, We British are deluding ourselves if we think we can beat China.
our Euro fighter cannot stay airborne longer than the good old spitfire without in-air refuelling. We have bought F35s with sub-standard software(unless we pay Lockheed another £1bn) and our most modern destroyers breakdown where the sea temperature is as high as the Gulf streams in the middle East.

Prof Chambers is simply unrealistic. We don't fight without US behind us or the opposition is extremely week (like Argentina and that conflict was won by the skin of our teeth).

daniel tan

Why compare? Are china.and uk heading for war? No! All militery are for self defence and deterence. Unless cowboy does it!

Lima Charlie

But britain can beat India!

Michael Gabriel

Hardware show off don't mean nothing… Last conflict was beaten to the border by the Vietnamese reserved army …


long live Pakistan China friendship 🇵🇰🇨🇳😎

Roman Magar

One beggar indian detected in comment section , Lynn

Faustino Co

Lynn 88? No study, no class. Even mobile phone, can not afford high class.


Britain, sending a warship into South China Sea is just asking for trouble.
The Chinese still remember the Brits and their gunboat diplomacy.
Drug pushers should learn from their past.

Not a good move.

George White

no we wouldn't win against China still dosent change the fact that China are the world's biggest thieves of technology and a dictorship fuck china and the communist regime its just a bigger version of north Korea lol

Ali hiji iddi

No stop lying you can not beat China and I you can so you and of your life Stupit you think this is befor forgat about don’t evin trying evin China can atack you you can never handle chani you have to gat Help to your Jewish Zionis from us Canada Australia ALON you will be nork out of your sistim for snitching and if you don’t belive me go and do you stupit to Chana sear 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hoiyat Tsoi

PLA's modernisation started with British help in the late 1970s.

roy chang

he he he Eouz Cuemarz and Brian Coley already started their nuclear word war.


UK and USA, only bully the weak opponents.


we beat the US in 1950, they were frightened like pigs.


England was out gunned, out classed, out maned in WW2 and they stopped the Germans cold. 10 Texas Rangers attacked a 300 man Mexican army and chased them off. 300 Spartans plus some other Greeks stopped the Persian army until they were betrayed. History is full of small numbers of men standing against over whelming odds and winning. China is a paper tiger, you buy your advancement you don't earn it. That is the way of communism. But a land war where the Chinese felt they were fighting for their homes would not go well.

RockNRollin Infidel

When them Brits goto war, a lot of other nations will tag along, example The US, Australia, New Zealand to name a few. China will get what it wants so bad it'll end up nuked and barren. Goodbye China!

Max z

Indians welcome British to colonize black Indians
jai hind

Arch Stanton
Britain fucked herself by, along with the U.S., pushing the fucking garbage neo-liberal supply-side "washington consensus" economics and in the process basically completely de-industrialized and in the process fucking impoverished herself. Germany wasn't stupid and didn't actually fall for the fucking garbage "washington consensus" neo-liberal economic TRASH (though paying lip service to it) and kept most of her manufacturing base.. As a result Germany is still a top exporter of goods across the globe and that is why Germany's economy is still so strong today. Compare that to Britain that fell for the TRASH thatcherite/reaganist "neo-liberal economics" that saw all… Read more »
Larry Song

Cracked me badly. Britain has the longest navel and Marine experience.

Eagle Eye


China is an economic superpower and a military superpower, and should thus perform accordingly. However with Brexit and the Christmas donation of 50 billion towards its leaving bill, IMO trade talks with China would be more important and appropriate, than dick-size comparisons. Whatever grief the USA has with China, is not really the UK's problem! Historically China built a Great Wall, to keep the foreigners out, and did not indulge in world domination. This contrasts with the British Empire and after its demise the USA sticking its nose into most countries affairs, and then hypocritically blame Russia for the election… Read more »
starship  trooper

These posting are,silly prc hype

Lynn 88

China low class