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Nonsense News Nation – Joe Biden is a Meme

On this episode of Nonsense News Nation, we do the unthinkable! We actually get into politics. No folks, we don’t have any hidden political agendas, we just really like Joe Biden memes. From vice president hero to the man of malarkey, Biden has given us nothing but smiles. He’s sniffed people, bit his wife’s finger, and now challenged an elderly man to a push-up contest. If you want to hear about more memes from your good pal Joe, you can easily tune in to the H3H3 Podcast. Getting less political, we also talk about:
1. A goose swooping into a mosh pit
2. An art piece of two bananas taped to a wall going for thousands of dollars.

3. Tom Holland saving Spider-Man.

4. The new Black Widow trailer.

5. And much much much much more!

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