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North Korean Pres. BRO: CIA Asset?

North Korean Leader’s Slain Half Brother Was a CIA Source

Kim Jong Nam, the slain half brother of North Korea’s leader, was a Central Intelligence Agency source who met on several occasions with agency operatives, a person knowledgeable about the matter said.

“There was a nexus” between the U.S. spy agency and Mr. Kim, the person said.

Mr. Kim, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was killed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia in February 2017, when two women smeared his face with the nerve agent VX. U.S. and South Korean officials have blamed the attack on North Korea, which it denies.

Many details of Mr. Kim’s relationship with the CIA remain unclear. Several former U.S. officials said the half brother, who had lived outside of North Korea for many years and had no known power base in Pyongyang, was unlikely to be able to provide details of the secretive country’s inner workings.

They also said Mr. Kim—who resided mainly in the Chinese enclave of Macau—was almost certainly in contact with security services of other countries, particularly China’s. The CIA declined to comment. Chinese officials didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The fact that the CIA held meetings with the North Korean leader’s exiled half brother illustrates the lengths U.S. intelligence will go to gather information about the hermetic country.

Trump touts ‘beautiful letter’ from Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump talked up his relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, saying he had received a “beautiful letter” from Kim, shortly after 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg slammed the president for “exchanging love letters with a brutal dictator.”

The president did not hold back his praise for North Korea, stating that “North Korea has tremendous potential” under Kim’s leadership.

“He gets it. He totally gets it.” Trump said about Kim.

The president has been criticized for his close ties with the North Korean leader in the past. Trump gave Kim the benefit of the doubt last week over allegations of executions in North Korea. He has also suggested that he believed Kim’s account of the death of Otto Warmbier, an American student who was imprisoned in North Korea and was returned to the United States in a coma.

Trump on Tuesday said he has made real progress due to his diplomatic efforts with Kim. “No major missile testing, nothing like when I first got here,” he said. “When I first got here, it was a bad mess. We have a very good relationship together.”

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