North Korea’s Chief Kim Jong-Un Supervised The Final ICBM Launch

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North Korea’s Chief Kim Jong-Un Supervised The Final ICBM Launch.


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Samson Gabriel

I don't give a fuck.
Cut Kim's head off & nuke all of his military personnel. He's going to FUCKING DIE soon.

John WolfGaming

Fucken earth dude. All humans care about is war, war, war, and fucken war. Dammit man I wish I can teleport to a world where there is nothing but peace and quiet but we can't have it all ffs.


Long live north korea .

Chandresh PRAKASH

good luck

red rocket
Bullshit ! no rocket takes off like that…and we are going to kidnap that little fat fuck as to put no harm to the innocent people. also China is colluding,so good luck. we already know they will side with NK . say goodbye to about one billion people in China alone. if I were in NK I would die trying to get to SK . before I would stay. very sad. Alaska is on it! and you will hear it first from us. you all should realize that importance …what..? ..did you think Hollywood is going to save you????.. Jerry?,… Read more »
red rocket

oh! …forgot to mention we're not in the gulf of Mexico. just a hint. planes are flying right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like bombs.

Vinayak Kc

u.s never fear this piece of sh*t


America and North Korea aren't doing a thing at all. All they did was show of force and power but no actual fighting

Steven Dragoo

who was that guy jong-un was talking to? Looked Chinese from the back of his head.

The Truth

All these goddamn elites care about is war. I swear we will destroy ourselves before any natural extinction event will happen. Everybody should just sit down, chill, and live the rest of our lives in peace.

Youtupe Mania

Here we go…North Korea's ICBM!