North Korea’s New Missile Can Attain Anyplace in America- WW3 Quickly

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My computer was attacked by a nasty malware, I'm just now getting everything back into place. My appologies for the absence.

Felix Zaragoza

North Korea is just a distraction for something much worse, like CERN opening portals to other dimensions.

war face

Of course it was 53 minutes. They put gematria in everything including the report of how many minutes which I'm sure only news sources have said 53 minutes so that no one could go off a different number other than the one they chose because of the gematria although if this missle is real it could very well have been timed 53 minutes with the right math put into the missle so they could literally do it by the number not just putting the number out for symbolism hmm.

Anthony Aldridge

How many more threats will we take before it's to late.

Stephen Corson

definitely scary times brother! Blessings to you and yours! much JESUS I pray! ….:-)