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object oriented programming | oop3

Object Oriented Programming or OOP is a very common trends today. Every Commercial Software Company follow this trends. But for beginners it’s very hard to learn each and every topics of oop. Most of the case people learn it quickly but they don’t achieve any idea how and where to implement it? How to design an OOP software.This video is the solution for the OOP beginners. They can quickly learn what is OOP is from here easily. How to think everything as an object? How to design a program in OOP approach? How to design an Object? How to make a relationship between Two or more objects. How to hide data? Each and Everything they need to know about OOP is here in just 25 minutes.

People can learn
– What is object in details
– Object Noun Adjective and Verb Theory
– Class
– Encaptulation
– Polymorphisom
– Inheritance
– Multiple Inheritance in Java
– Abstract Class
– Abstract Methods
– Interface
– Abstract Class Over Interface
– Interface Over Abstract Class
– Creating Objects
– What is new Keywords
– What does new Keyword do
– What did Steve jobs think about OOP
– The story of Steve Jobs

and lot more. In these 25 minute one can understand the process behind OOP which can make them a good developer. In this video I didn’t cover all the things everybody need to be an awesome OO Programmer. It is just kick start. One can understand the topics from here then they can study more to be a good programmer.

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I talk about different topics here on my channel as a Public Speaker.

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