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October 29, 2019: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

It’s the anniversary of Sandy and Gov. Phil Murphy was in Hoboken to sign an executive order aimed at making New Jersey a global leader in the fight against climate change. Is New Jersey ready for the next Superstorm? Or any storm for that matter? Images of Superstorm Sandy turned into art with the hope of providing healing. Plus, planning to vote-by-mail in Tuesday’s election? Today’s the last day to apply for a mail-in ballot at the county clerk’s office. And, the NCAA votes to soon allow college athletes to cash in on their fame.

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Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton

I would like to return to the sentiment expressed below byadding; it now seems news team photo promotions has been extended to earlyevening news programing. Some marketing manager in the sky seem to think wechoose a news program based on the appearance of the news anchors, without any meaningfulconsideration of quality and any journalistic integrity, which cannot be seen ina promotional picture campaign, so, are they right in assuming that we are thatshallow, and they may be right, one has only to look at all the female blonddye heads, and elderly men without any visible gray hair, to confirm its… Read more »

Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton

Not so proud…On the NBC News Site…”MSNBC announces four renowned
female journalists as moderators for November debate”, a plus for the Democratic
Party, agreeing to this all female inclusion, however, is not a plus for ‘womankind’,
since to be even under consideration, a head of hair dye, was a must, is not to
be celebrated, just tolerated as the price that must be paid…