**OK Right here We Go!! – Finish Occasions Information – ISRAEL / Trump / WW3 / Trans Lady Guides

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Rachel Martin

GOD IS RAISING UP AN ARMY AMEN 🙌🙌🙌🙏💯❤️✝️😀Love you guy's. Praying for this Ministry

Alexis Wilkinson

Praying for family and friends that they to will come to the Saviour unto Salvation, Thy will be done lord amen

Repent! Receive! Rejoice! Hallelu'Yah'!!
Repent! Receive! Rejoice! Hallelu'Yah'!!

I am redeemed. All is well with my soul.
The Grace of our Lord Yahushua Jesus Christ Be with you all. Amen.

lindie mills

yea, even so, COME LORD JESUS

Robert Aiken

Praise the Lord brother,  even so,  come,  Lord Jesus.  Amen!

S CoopeRN

So thankful for the souls being saved and the work in the community! Thank you for the update! God bless you all!


Good to see the advances there. Nice work Mr. D.

assassinate evil

Know the truth. The state called Israel has no claim to any land. Jerusalem must be protected from Israel n the jews. The word of God removed Israel from his sight for returning ti baal worship after the death of Gideon an now remove the most evil land n demons Israel from the earth forever. The Jews killed Jesus, deny his existence as the savior.

Deion Trouble

Why don't this white boy read revelation 19 chapter 17

Michael M

President Trump Meets with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Leaders

Linda Diane

Thank-you Pastor D for always sharing the children praying in the community and the church services.These people have so little and love the Lord so much! A real testimony that makes me very humble and always remember to thank God for my blessings and salvation.May all the needs for this ministry be provided.MANY souls being saved. Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

Jim Menard
We are all sinners none of us deserve heaven,it doesn't matter what u say every single Believer sins every day period.no sin is greater than the next.A born again believer is declared Sinless and a saint on that day we stand before god.u who say u are without sin is a liar and are deceiving yourself.jesus died on the cross for all past present and future sin it is finished.All born again believers will go in the rapture.All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.No Christian is better than the next.salvation is a free gift,u and… Read more »
Sharida Gaines

I love how God is using you

Corina Rivera

Much love brother so glad for what your doing soon we will see each other.