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Oleksandr Tryshchenko – The journey through the hybrid mobile apps with JS – jsday 2019

Four years ago I started a wonderful adventure: I tried to build my first mobile application with JavaScript. The first encounter was ugly and I kind of accepted the fact that hybrid mobile applications are cheap, slow and limited brothers of native ones (I was mistaken!). However, due to financial efficiency, I was bumping into it again and again. I tried all popular JavaScript solution for Hybrid Mobile apps and ended my journey through the hybrid mobile applications with a happy end. I want to share with you the recipes we’ve learned, tell my story and warn regarding the possible pitfalls. We’ll look into the React Native, Cordova, PWA’s and compare them with native applications looking into the experience we’ve got working with them on real projects.

jsday 2019 | Verona, May 8-9th |

Next edition: May 12-13th 2020 |

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