One-On-One with Rep Scott Taylor on Manafort, Trump JR Might Testify on Russia. @RepScottTaylor

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George Milford
HE is well spoken but falls back on GOP conspiracies such as the belief that the DNC sought Ukraine assistance – which is demonstrably false. The DNC has released official statement that it never sought the assistance of the Ukraine and that the contractor who did so, did so on her own accord with no push/direction from the DNC. The contractor in person – Alexandra Chalupa – has stated for the record that she sought publicly available information on Manafort from the Ukraine government without any assistance from the DNC. The Politico article that most GOP rely on states this… Read more »

Mr stupid Congressman killary Clinton and Ukraine deal whatever it was and many other things that killary did were wrong doing nothing doubt about it.that is why she lost the election. she paid for it. leave her alone . she is gone. it is somebody name Donald Swamp who is the fake president. we are talking about him.

Merrilou Neigenfind

Typical Republican. Cool with treason. Most modern republicans lack honor.