One-On-One with Sen. Bernie Sanders with Jake Tapper on “MediCare For All.” #BernieSanders #Well being

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Anna Warner

I heard that in California one Medicaid patient used $21 MILLION in services. Are we able to pay for such expensive medical treatments? No wonder Medicaid is going bankrupt. The only people who get rich on the medical system are doctors.

janis ripple

Thank You BernieSanders ,–
Profit Driven Insurance and Big Pharma
California Was killed by. A Corporate Owned Democrat.
Bernie is a TruthTeller
Share Video.
Honest Man in Congress
Thinking of Running Emulate BernieSanders
Taking on Corporate Power – We Are Waking Citizens Up
We Need Serious Citizens
Share families
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K!ng Knowledge

Single payer in California was voted against by Democrats it had nothing to do with money great fact checking CNN and in Vermont politicians who choose insurance company over people


I <3 Bernie

Roberto vines

we shoul have free health care or the cheapest health care in america for all americans go berni stop the greed people need to start standing for their rihgts to live protest for change we better stand up now or els

Roberto vines

if goverment baills all of these rich millionaiers out thene the american people should have free health care people is what makes america great not greed stop the greed now stand together

Robert Thomas

The greatest politician of our generation. Corrupt Hilary and DWS railroaded his effort to transform America and then they lost to Drumpf. The system needs to be fixed NOW!

Angela J

Medicare is a single payer system, and most countries that have a single payer system also have private health insurance options as well. Although a nation wide single payer system sounds REALLY GOOD… it will be costly AND people will not have the choice of their own health options. There is serious consideration in having government in control of your health choices. And Speaking of UK… we just witness with baby Charlie what that could bring about in reality


Bernie 2020

Remix Tapes

Thank You Bernie!

Edi W.

Bernie is such a breath of fresh, pure, invigorating, substantive oxygen. He's a great leader and, as far as I'm concerned, a true hero. He has been fighting the good fight for the people, for a just, fair society and for the environment for decades and, like a fine, vintage wine, he has only gotten better with age. I flat out love the man.

P.S. Single payer NOW!