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One Year Channelversary Celebration! | Vue Function API | Gamer App using Steam API

[ One Year Channelversary Celebration! ] [ Vue.js ]
# Gamer App using Steam API

Happy one year channelversary RabbitWerks! Today we are hanging out and celebrating an awesome year of javascript live coding! We will take a look at the old videos from back then, and where we are now. Also, we will be building a gamer app using the Vue 3 Function API and Steam API. Not sure what all we have access to using this api but we will find out!

[ Steamworks Web API ] –

6:04 – Session Start
7:00 – A Look at RabbitWerks Day One…
11:34 – …and Now Today
13:28 – Starting on the Steam App
17:22 – Initializing a New Vue App and Looking at the Steam API Docs
24:22 – Installing the Vue Function API
26:48 – Assets Gathering


# Project Repo:

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## Music from RabbitWerks CodeBeatz Spotify Playlist

Live project work. Coding in JavaScript.
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Thank you and Enjoy!

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