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Options Trading Strategies for a Sideways Market

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Many investors understand what to do in bullish and bearish market situations, but what about when stocks, ETFs or indexes are trading in a narrow range? In this session, OIC explains three limited-risk options strategies for sideways markets, including a long call, diagonal call spread, and the iron butterfly.
Learn how to navigate a sideways market with easy-to-understand examples that can lead to a profit when other investors may be timid. Comment below for any additional questions on investing in a sideways market.

Sideways Market Video Checkpoints:
(8:42)- Trading in a sideways market
(10:55)- Options calendar time spreads
(15:31)- When to use a long call calendar spread?
(17:50)- Long call calendar examples
(32:26)- Diagonal spread basics and explained
(41:45)- Diagonal call spread and expiration
(46:03)- Trading decisions in a sideways market
(50:03)- Short straddle definition, examples, and characteristics
(53:03)- Why use a long straddle and examples
(56:26)- Iron butterfly definition and examples
(57:38)- Iron butterfly vs iron condor

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