Panel Focus on Flynn Resigns AMID Firestorm Over Russia Dealings. #Russia @JFKucinich

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9 Comments on "Panel Focus on Flynn Resigns AMID Firestorm Over Russia Dealings. #Russia @JFKucinich"

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Rooty Kazooty

Do we get a week without another humiliating f*ck up from the White House? Are we allowed that?

Mike Dell

Washington Post is on track to take down ANOTHER IDIOT CONSERVATIVE President. Don't morons like manchild donny DRUMPF ever learn?

Antonio Browne

I am a Republican …and I changed to Democrats today….Trump and his tuggs will come down

Regina Maraist
It would be quite hillarious, if it were not too serious, that the lengths the Trump administration and its supporters will go to blame Hillary Clinton for the circus Donald Trump, the so-called president, has gotten us into. Can't you realize, you dumbheads, that Hillary Clinton is out of it, and that your lunatic president is continuously digging the hole deeper from which he can never emerge. The truth of the matter is that Flynn acted upon directions from the president and vice-president, and when the investigation is completed, those facts will be made public;. this is collusion between a… Read more »
Voodoo Six

How would Flynn have the authority to discuss sanctions since the national security adviser is not the one to make policy decisions?
Answer- he had trump's blessing.

Luis V

Blame everything on Hillary ,,Really trump .welcome to reality


Who in their right mind believes that a Military officer meets and speaks with Russia to deliver a message regarding sanctions without being directed as to what to say or do by the President or the VP. I mean does anyone believe that BS.


WRONG! TRUMP KNEW ALL ABOUT FLYNN LYING TO PENCE (IF PENCE DIDN'T KNOW) 3 WEEKS AGO!!!! The only reason Trump finally fired Flynn, the Putin spy, is because this national security scandal got leaked – because people knew how unserious Trump is taking national security. It was the WaPo story and nothing else that made Trump fire Flynn.

Kris Mmm

WTF is going on…these people are suppose to be working on making America great again and all they are doing is covering up scandal after scandal!