Panel Talk about Harvey Weinstein Enters Rehab as Scandal Grows. #Hollywood @YoditTewolde

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6 Comments on "Panel Talk about Harvey Weinstein Enters Rehab as Scandal Grows. #Hollywood @YoditTewolde"

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Ron H

In 2000 CNN story about Harvey and decided not to run it

In 2001 they had four people claiming Harvey assaulted him go stories were also killed.
I now believe the president that CNN is not only false news they are corrupt to the extent where they need to be investigated
How many people could've been saved from Harvey's attacks if she hadn't had just done their job

ann landers
There is no "rehab" that will help Weinstein.   He needs either to go to jail forever or to get intensive, long-term psychotherapy from an outstanding therapist and even then it is really questionable that he could make any significant change.  To give him a "second change" in Hollywood would be a travesty.  He is a serial sexual predator.    Ted Bundy was a serial killer.   Do you think rehab or counseling would have changed Ted Bundy????????   I believe these people (including Bill Cosby while we are at it) are sociopaths and they really cannot be helped.  … Read more »
jen scheib

Hollywood will say poor Harvey, look he went into rehab. He couldn't help himselfNew York really dropped the ball. They could have saved dozens of women from abuse..

Merri Cat

Answer to question what kind of treatment _ Sex offender treatment – not sex addiction


I thought rehab for sexual harassment was jail.


I am sick and tired of this whole rehab thing. If you are poor. You go to jail. If you have money and commit a crime. You just go into rehab and then everybody says "that's ok." All is foregiven.